II.    Banner Finance Ledgers and Chart of Accounts

          II-1. Banner Ledgers and Chart of Accounts

          II-2. Chart of Accounts for General Ledger

                    II-2-A. Fund Groups
                    II-2-B. Major Fund Group Ledgers by Fund and Type
                    II-2-C. General Ledger Account Control Summaries
                    II-2-D. General Ledger Balance Sheet Accounts

          II-3. Chart of Accounts for Operating Ledger

                    II-3-A. Index Code (Budget Unit Account Code)
  by Major Fund, Index, Fund, and Program, Grant and Contract Codes

                    II-3-B. Program (Function)
                    II-3-C. Revenue Account Categories
                    II-3-D. Revenue Account Summaries
                    II-3-E. Revenue Account Codes
                    II-3-F. Expenditure Account Categories
                    II-3-G. Expenditure Account Summaries
                    II-3-H. Expenditure Account Codes - Rev. 11/17