X. Personnel Actions Policy and Procedures User Guides

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X-1     Non-Classified Position Employment Procedure
X-2     Classified Position Employment Procedure
X-3     Employment Procedure for Non-Classified Seasonal, Temporary, Intermittent, or Part-Time (Wages of Labor)
X-4     Request for Change in Personnel/Position Status - Non-Classified and/or Classified Employees
X-5     Volunteer Service Agreement
X-6     Employment Outside the University Setting
X-7     Program Request for Non-Student Credit Hour Activity and Continuing Education Units (CEU)
X-8     New Employee Orientation & New Hire Packets
X-9    Summer School Plan/Budget
X-10   Request for Leave
X-11   Request for Leave of Absence - Faculty
X-12   Request for Leave of Absence - Unclassified Non-Faculty
X-13   Request for Leave of Absence - Classified
X-14   Extended Leave - Classified Employees
X-15   Continuance of Annual and Sick Leave
X-16   Shared Sick Leave Program for Faculty and Unclassified Staff
X-17   Crisis Leave Policy for Permanent Classified and Unclassified Employee Who Are Eligible To Earn Annual Leave
X-18   Emergency Administrative Leave for Unclassified Staff (Includes Faculty) 
X-19   Compensatory Time and Overtime
X-20   Employee Separation and Exit Interview Procedure
X-21   Wages of Labor Hourly Time and Attendance Report
X-22   Prohibited Activities - Classified Employees 
X-23   Employee Involved in University Extra-Services Employment Activities
X-24   Summer Faculty, Adjunct Instructors, Cooperating Teacher or Principal and Non-Credit Presenter/Instructor Appointment Procedure
X-25   Graduate Assistants Appointment Procedure
X-26   Classified Staff Performance Planning & Review
X-27   Taxable Compensation, Supplemental Compensation or Benefits from Non-Public Sources & Drug Prevention Program Certification
X-28   Listing of Employment Opportunities at NSU
X-29   Authorizing Contracts between the University and a Member of the Faculty, Research Staff, or Coaching Staff or a Company in Which the Employee has an Interest under Specified Circumstances
X-30   Use of Personnel Files
X-31   International Hiring Policy and Procedure for Faculty/Staff (non-students)
X-32   University Employee Debt 
X-33   Recoupment of Overpayments to Employees 
X-34   Lactation Support Policy 
X-35 Compensatory Leave for Unclassified Professional Staff (12-Month) Employees


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