Northwestern State University - Tuition and Fees Schedule


Registered students are assessed tuition and fees based on a variety of factors. The following criteria are used to determine the amount of tuition and fees a Northwestern State University student is assessed each semester:

 Level (Undergraduate or Graduate)

  • Campus (The campus where the majority of your classes are held?)
  • Credit hours enrolled

Spring 2018 Tuition and Fee Schedules

Spring 2018 - Natchitoches Campus Fees

Spring 2018 - Shreveport Campus Fees

Spring 2018 - Other Campus Fees

Spring 2018 - Internet Only Fees

Fall 2017 Tuition and Fee Schedules

Fall 2017 - Natchitoches Campus Fees

FAll 2017 - Shreveport Campus Fees

Fall 2017 - Other Campus Fees

Fall 2017 - Internet Only Fees