X-11.1 Request for Leave of Absence - Faculty

Personnel Action
Request for Leave of Absence - Faculty

I Purpose and Scope: This procedure outlines the procedure/process to be followed in processing "Request for Leave of Absence - Faculty".

II Reference: University Personnel Hiring Procedures State of Louisiana Revised Statutes University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors Rules.

University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors


Chapter III, Section V. Leaves of Absence

A. Application Procedures. An individual requesting a leave of absence shall make application at the institution and, with the recommendation of the institution president, it shall be forwarded to the System President for Board consideration.

B. Exclusion. An employee of an institution who is not a member of the faculty or administration is not governed under the Board's policy on leaves of absence for faculty members.

C. Length of Leaves. Leaves of absence, other than for military leave, shall not exceed one year at a time. Faculty personnel on military leave (or special leave for war-connected service) from the institution shall be re-employed by the institution at the beginning of the next semester (or quarter) after the date on which the institution head shall receive written notification that such person wishes to return to his position, provided that such notification shall be given within 40 days after honorable discharge or termination of assignment from the armed forces.

D. Sabbatical Leave. Provision for leave with pay for the purpose of professional or cultural improvement, or for the purpose of renewal, is a well-established administrative device intended to improve the quality of higher education professional service. The Board recognizes that such a policy is justifiable and desirable and therefore provides for leaves of absence for full-time members of the faculty under the conditions specified below.

"Faculty is defined in LSA-R.S..17:3304 as follows:
"Members of the institutional staff of each college and university having the rank of instructor or higher and persons engaged in library, artistic, research and investigative positions of equal dignity, shall constitute the faculty of each college and university. The head of each college or university and its academic officers shall be members of the faculty."

1. For the purpose of professional or cultural improvement, or renewal, this leave may be granted for two semesters (52 weeks for 12-month employees). It may be granted following any six or more consecutive fiscal years of active service in the institution where such individual is employed. An individual may not accumulate time in an attempt to qualify for more than one consecutive year of such leave. Leave also may be granted for one semester (26 weeks for 12-month employees) following three or more consecutive years of such service by an individual, provided that absence due to sick leave shall no be deemed to interrupt the active service provided for herein. A sabbatical leave taken during a summer session shall be considered a semester for leave purposes.

2. The compensation from the state for the period of leave approved shall be at the rate of not more than 75 percent of the salary the individual will receive during the current fiscal year for the period of time leave is applied for and granted. Employers and employees shall contribute to the retirement system on the basis of full annual salary rate. Compensation payable to persons on leave shall be paid at the times at which salaries of the other members of the teaching staff are paid and in the same manner.

3. In those cases where the faculty member or administrator receives outside compensation, such payment is to be approved in writing and in advance by the president as supportive of the purposes of the leave. If outside compensation plus paid leave would exceed the regular salary the leave pay will be reduced so that the institution will pay no leave if the outside compensation equals or exceeds the regular pay. But nothing shall prevent the faculty from being remunerated by outside agencies at higher rates than his regular pay.

4. After each leave period is completed, evidence as determined by the institution must be submitted to the appropriate supervisor to indicate that the purpose for which the leave was granted has been received.

5. At no time during any semester of an academic year shall the number of persons on leave with pay (except sick leave) exceed 5 percent of the total faculty.

6. In accepting a leave of absence with pay, the faculty member shall be understood to assume a legal obligation as listed in Acts 1991, 858 (R.S.17:3328) to return to the institution for at least one year of further service. A copy of this rule shall be included in the institution faculty handbook and made known to each applicant for such leave.

7. Individuals accepting sabbatical leave (with pay) are cautioned about prohibitions against dual appointments or dual employment as described in LSA-R.S.42:63.

8. Sabbatical leave shall be granted only with prior Board approval.

E. Leave Without Pay. Leave without pay may be granted for a maximum of one year at a time upon recommendation of the institution to the System President and with the approval of the Board.

F. Forfeiture of Tenure of Employment. Refusal by a faculty member or administrator to comply with the provisions of this leave and sabbatical leave policy shall result in the forfeiture of tenure and/or employment.

Teacher Retirement System

Employees in the Teacher Retirement System who are on official leave without pay cannot remit the employee share and employer share of retirement contributions. Once an employee returns from leave without pay status, they may purchase the "service time" while on leave without pay at the actuarial amount determined by the Teacher Retirement System.

University Policy

The university will continue to pay the employer share of group benefits premiums for those employees who are on approve extended leave without pay up to a period of one (1) year. This is at the option of the employee and only available to those faculty employees who have group benefits insurance at the time of receiving approved leave without pay. The university will contact respective employee for arrangements for the receipt of and accounting for the employee's portion of the premiums, that the employee is responsible for paying.

Group Benefits Authority

If an employee is allowed an approved absence by his employer, the employee may retain coverage for a period up to but not to exceed one year, provided the full premium (employee and employer share) is paid.

III Procedure:

Employee (Faculty, Adminitrator, or Non-Classified/Non Faculty)

1. Obtains, from the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, legal size University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors form "Request for Leave of Absence" (see example Attachment #1). Completes, dates and signs the form. (Be sure to complete the back of the "Request" as required for employees who are covered under the La. Teacher's Retirement System.) and forwards to respective Department Head (be sure all information is completed as required).

Department Head

2. Receives "Request for Leave of Absence" from employee. Reviews the "Request" for completeness by the applicant. Approves or disapproves the "Request". If disapproves, returns to the applicant. If approved, prepares letter of recommendation in support of the applicant's "Request" and forwards the approved "Request" to the appropriate Approving Agent and/or Dean.

Approving Agent and/or Dean

3. Reviews the "Request" for completeness By the applicant. Approves or disapproves the "Request". If disapproves, returns to the applicant. If approved, forwards the approved "Request" to the appropriate Vice President.

Vice President

4. Receives approved "Request for Leave of Absence" with supporting recommendation letter from the Department Head. Reviews "Request" for completeness. Approves/disapproves the "Request".

If approved, dates and signs the "Request" and forwards to the President. If disapproved, returns to Department Head.


5. Receives approved "Request for Leave of Absence" from appropriate Vice President. Reviews for completeness. Approves/disapproves the "Request"/ If approves, dates and signs "Request" and sends to Business Affairs. If disapproves, returns "Request" to appropriate Vice President.

Business Affairs

6. Logs in receipt of approved "Request for Leave of Absence". Reviews for completeness, making sure all information concerning retirement options are completed and conforms to Board Policy.

7. Includes the approved "Request for Leave of Absence" on the Monthly Personnel Changes Report that is provided to the Board of Supervisors. Sends completed Monthly Report to the President.


8. Receives Monthly Report of Personnel Changes from Business Affairs. Prepares proper correspondence and submits the Monthly Report of Personnel Changes to the Board to be included in the respective monthly Board meeting.

University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors

9. Approves/disapproves submitted "Request for Leave of Absence" along with other requested Personnel Changes.

Business Affairs or President's Office

10. Notifies respective Vice President of approval/disapproval of "Request for Leave of Absence".

Appropriate Vice President

11. Notifies applicant of Board approval/disapproval of "Request for Leave of Absence". If the appropriate Vice President is notified directly by the Board Staff or President's Office, notifies Business Affairs of Board approval/disapproval.

Business Affairs

12. Receives notification of Board approval/disapproval from Board, President or appropriate Vice President. Checks to see if employee on approved leave without pay has Group Benefits coverage. If employee has coverage, contacts employee about the option of continuing coverage. If employee agrees to continue coverage, explains the procedure of monthly payment due for the employee portion of Group Benefits premium. Prepares proper payroll change documents, Civil Service Forms, and files copy of approved "Request for Leave of Absence" in the respective employee's personnel file.