X-11.2 Request for Leave of Absence - Unclassified Non-Faculty

Personnel Actions

Request for Leave of Absence - Unclassified Non-Faculty

I Purpose and Scope: This procedure outlines the procedure/process to be followed in processing "Request for Leave of Absence - Unclassified Non-Faculty".

II Reference: University Personnel Hiring Procedures State of Louisiana Revised Statutes University of Louisiana System Board of Trustees Rules.


In accordance with LSA-R.S. 17:3304, faculty is defined as follows: "Members of the instructional staff of each college and university having the rank of instructor or higher persons engaged in library, artistic, research and investigative positions of equal dignity, shall constitute the faculty of each college and university. The head of each college or university and its academic officers shall be members of the faculty."

Unclassified non-faculty are, therefore, not eligible for the Leave of Absence found in the University of Louisiana System Board of Trustees Rules in Chapter III, Section V, Leave of Absence.

Teacher's Retirement System

Employees in the Teacher's Retirement System who are on official leave without pay cannot remit the employee share and employer share of retirement contributions. Once an employee returns from leave without pay status, they may purchase the "service time" while on leave without pay at the actuarial amount determine by the Teachers' Retirement System.

Louisiana State Employee's Retirement System (LASERS)

LASERS does not allow service credit for any period of employment while an employee is on leave without pay.

University Policy

The university will continue to pay the employer share of group benefits premiums for those employees who are on approved extended leave without pay up to a period of one (1) year. This is at the option of the employee and only available to those unclassified non-faculty employees who have group benefits insurance at the time of receiving approved leave without pay. The university will contact respective employee for arrangements for the receipt of the accounting for the employee's portion of the premium that the employee is responsible for paying.

Group Benefits Authority

If an employee is allowed an approved absence by his employer, the employee may retain coverage for a period up to but not to exceed one year, provided the full premium (employee and employer share) is paid.

III Procedure:

Unclassified non-faculty employees requesting approved leave for a period of a month or longer are to be reported to the System Office. All leave requests should be in accordance with the university's Request for Leave policy and procedure once approve.

The appropriate Vice President should submit such request to the President for review and submission to the System Office.