X-9 New Employee Orientation & New Hire Packets

New Employee Orientation
"New Hire Packets"

I. Purpose and Scope: This procedure outlines the New Employee Orientation Process and completion of the "New Hire Packet" for Full-Time and part-Time Faculty, Non-Faculty, Unclassified, Classified, Graduate Assistant, Adjunct Instructors, Non-Credit Presenters, Supervising Teachers & Principals and Wages of Labor employees. Refer to the Student Employment procedure in section X-27 of this manual for student employment orientation.

II. Reference: State of Louisiana Personnel Manual


The Budget Unit Head is responsible for new employee orientation and assuring completion of the appropriate "New Hire Packet". An entrance interview/orientation should be completed before a Classified or Unclassified/9 month employee starts performing duties. The Employee Orientation Checklist is used to assist the Budget Unit Head or his Designee in completing this process. Completion of the Employee Orientation Checklist is mandatory. The list is placed on file in the employee's personnel file in Business Affairs - Human Resource Section.

It is each Budget Unit Head' responsibility to assemble a new employee orientation packet for their new employees. Materials needed are available from the Business Affairs-Human Resource Section and the Business Affairs on-line Policies and Procedures.

1. Applicable New Hire Packet based on class of employment downloaded from online policy and procedure.

2. Applicable retirement system pamphlets/handouts for Classified and Unclassified/9 Month employees only obtained from Human Resource office.

3. Employee group insurance booklets for Classified and Unclassified/9 Month employees only obtained from Human Resource office.

4. AFLAC Brochure for Classified and Unclassified/9 Month employees only obtained from Human Resource office.

As the orientation process progresses, each responsible party and employee signs verifying that the previous segment of the orientation has been completed.

Each unit should direct or accompany the new employee to the next orientation visit. Orientation visits should be set by appointment. Do not send an employee to the next level of orientation without an appointment.

Each Budget Unit Head should inform the new employee of the importance of completing all the required paperwork/forms in the respective New Hire Packet. This information is critical and is mandatory for completion of the employee's personnel file. Failure to provide complete and timely information could cause a delay in an individual being placed on the payroll and/or the effected employee's paycheck being routed to respective vice president for distribution to the effected employee upon the employee's submittal of the required information. All New Hire Packets are to be delivered or mailed to the Budget Unit Head of the department where employed.

III. Procedure:

NOTE: New Hire Packets can be downloaded at the bottom of this procedure following the "Schedule of Handouts for New Hires".

Budget Unit Head/Designee/Prospective Employee

1. Assembles the appropriate New Hire Packet and contacts Business Affairs-Human Resource Section for additional materials to complete packet.

2. Schedules orientation meeting with new employee and other applicable officers. Orientation should be scheduled within three days of new employee's start date; the first day of employment is preferred.

3. Conducts orientation. Reviews applicable materials. Checks information and materials received on Employee Orientation Checklist.

Attaches list of information and materials reviewed if not on checklist.

4. Completes orientation. Employee and Budget Unit Head sign and date Employee Orientation Checklist - Budget Unit Head section.

5. Contacts appropriate vice president for introduction.

If the Vice President is not available, and schedules introduction for a future date, Budget Unit Head should indicate this on "other line" of Budget Unit Head section and goes to the Business Affairs-Human Resource Section steps.

Appropriate Vice Employee

6. Completes introduction. Signs and dates Employee Orientation Checklist.

Budget Unit Head or Designee

7. Makes an appointment with Business Affairs-Human Resource Section for procedure completion.

Business Affairs-Human Resource Section

8. Reviews orientation with employee.  Has employee complete required employment documents. Assures employee understands employment terms and conditions, including fringe benefits, for type of employment.

9. Completes orientation, sign and date the checklist.

New Employee

10. Signs and dates checklist.

Business Affairs-Human Resource Section

11. Files checklist in employee's personnel file.

12. If employee refuses to sign and date the checklist, notes refusal on checklist and files in employee's personnel file.

NOTE: New employees who have not submitted the required "NEW HIRE PACKET" information in an timely manner could cause a delay in the employee being placed on the payroll and/or the employee's paycheck being routed to respective vice president for distribution to the employee only after the employee submits the required information to complete the personnel file. It will be the responsibility of the respective vice president to obtain the required information before releasing the check to the employee, and the employee must sign for the check.

In these cases, vice president must sign for the payroll checks routed to them for distribution. Also, payroll checks routed to the vice presidents to obtain missing required information cannot be left unsecured. They must be returned to the Business Affairs Accounting and Reporting office if they are not disbursed during the day.

If the failure to submit the required personnel file information continues, discussions with the employee and employee's supervisor will be contacted. Employee will be issued letter of reprimand. If the reprimanded employee continues not to follow the established procedure, disciplinary and/or adverse action will be taken.

Unclassified employee (including 12-month unclassified, faculty, graduate assistants, adjunct faculty, etc.) that continue not to follow established procedures after progressive disciplinary action are subject to dismissal from the university.

For employees in the classified state service, disciplinary or adverse action will be taken in accordance with Chapter 12 of the Civil Service Rules.


New employee orientations for off-campus sites are conducted at the off-campus site by the appropriate off-campus site personnel.

When possible, the new employee should visit the main campus to complete this process.

The completed checklist must be mailed or delivered to the main campus when the new employee does not complete the process on the main campus.